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4 Signs You May Need Yoga.

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  1. Your daily functions are limited with muscle stiffness, soreness or tightness.

Whether you exercise or not, if your body is tight or stiff it can be miserable. Limited range of motion over time can lead to a lot of unnecessary pressure on joints and tendons. If you live in a constant state of tightness, due to your line of work, a sedentary lifestyle, or a previous injury you are definitely putting your body at risk for increased injury by not releasing the tension.

Think about it this way. You’re incredibly tight in your legs, hips, and lower back, on a regular basis. Then little Jimmy runs out into the street to chase his ball and you dash after him. Your adrenaline is high so you don’t realize any issues at first. Little Jimmy is safe. However after you’ve had a chance to calm down, you start to notice pain in your knee and hip. Not just normal “I exerted myself” pain, but hurt pain.

By allowing your body to be in such a tight state, regardless of why, when you are required to do something that is functional for daily life, or is exerting more than you normally do, you are setting yourself up for an injury. Think of it as a rubber band. Eventually, if a rubber band is pulled beyond it’s normal range of motion it will break. If your normal range is always limited, expect an injury to follow.

  1. You have chronic pain.

Many suffer pain from previous injuries and high levels of inflammation, or conditions like arthritis or fibromyalgia. The minds natural reaction to pain is to do nothing in hopes that the pain will go away. In our society, we’ve heard for years that if it hurts don’t do it right? Well in some cases yes, that’s true. But chronic pain can keep you locked in a “pain box”, taking medication and drugs to just attempt to live. That my friends is no way to live. If you can move away from the mindset that if it hurts don’t do it, and into the mindset to break through your pain threshold to lengthen your body and decrease the inflammation you will be so surprised what freedom is waiting for you.

  1. You have high stress or anxiety.

Stress sucks. It sucks the life out of you and it causes incredible tension to our bodies, some of which can go unnoticed until an injury happens. If we can learn some tips and techniques through stretching and mobility of yoga that will help our level of stress to go down, it can have incredible long term affects for our lives. Learning how to breathe and let our bodies relax is not easy. It takes real work and consistent time. But, if you put the work in, you’ll see lasting benefits.

  1. Your mind can’t rest.

Athletes, business owners, students, everyone, can struggle with not being able to rest their mind. It can limit our ability to sleep and to sleep well. When we don’t sleep, it can lead to an entire other mess for our bodies. Learning to physically, mentally, and emotionally, let go of those things that keep us awake at night, that are beyond our control, will help us find peace, and better coping skills. What that will do to our brain and our mind can create an ability to heal, relax, truly breathe, and have so much more peace and joy in our lives.

~ Coach Mel

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