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WODHOPPER is gym management software built for CrossFit gyms. It allows gym owners to manage membership, handles billing, class reservations, and workout and performance tracking.

What features does WODHOPPER offer athletes?
Athletes can view a list of classes and reserve their spot in a class. You can also look at when your friends are reserved to class, and see which classes are full and which have more spots available.

Athletes can also record their workout results. Using the Workout/Scoreboard feature.

Athletes can record benchmark workouts and visualize their progress over time. Benchmark workouts are tests that can be repeated over time to see your progress in strength and conditioning.

The Strength Calculator can be used to easily calculate the percentage of your max lifts. This is useful for strength training when building sets such at 50%, 60%, 70% of a one rep max lift. This handy feature will also tell you which plates to load on your bar! No more trying to do math while also trying to lift heavy things!


KidFit: It’s that time of year again! If you have small children (or know someone who does), sign them up for one or all of our Summer KidFit camps. Click here for more details.

July 4th: Please join us for the Todd Beamer Memorial Run on July 4th and then throw candy with us on the 3 Peaks CrossFit parade float. More details in the member’s group.

July 12-13th: 24 hour Girls Movie Night, Friend’s & Fitness with Coach Mel. More details in the member’s group.

July 21st: Our Annual Summer BBQ is coming up in July! The signup sheet is in the lobby at the box.

August 10th: Portland Spartan Sprint. Join the 3 Peaks team at the upcoming Spartan Sprint. It’s a 3-5 mile run with lots of fun obstacles. Check out the member group on Facebook for more details.

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