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LESSONS OF 2020 (Long but worth the read)

If we were gaging 2020 like we do a workout, I would have to say that 2020 felt like…. 

An AMRAP of 6480 hours (that would be nearly 9 months) of  “Murph” – 1 mile run, 100 Pullups, 200 Pushups, 300 squats, 1 mile. You know the type of workout, where it feels like it is NEVER going to end, and you wonder what the heck you signed up for?

Yes, it was long, exhausting, and at times we failed miserably, fought self doubt, and maybe had moments of pure anger and frustration. Shocker…. We are all human right? 

As gym owners, with the help of our team, we pivoted hard and fast in 2020, moving to online classes, new cleaning and safety protocols, and focusing on the physical and mental health of our members. We moved to a new location in record time, and were very creative with workouts for our members. 

We were so concerned for their wellbeing during this time and made it our mission to do whatever it would take to help keep them motivated for their health and wellness.  A strong immune system is everything right now. 

We grew personally, in our ability to delegate, grow, and give so much grace to ourselves and those around us, during a time of uncertainty and stress. 

We’ve cried, we’ve laughed, pulled all nighters, and sat still, in all that the roller coaster of 2020 threw our way. But we’ve learned so much that we will take into 2021 and beyond.

1) We are only guaranteed TODAY. Being a planner is helpful, but can also drive you crazy when “plans don’t work out”.  Looking at each day, individually, as making it better than the day before can take off so much pressure, and give a huge amount of grace internally. 

2) Relationships matter. When everything else goes away, or your limited with the ability to see and be near others as 2020 clearly made us, it’s the moments together that really mean everything. It’s the time we spend together, laughing in each others presence, that means the most to us. We value every hour we get to spend with our members. 

3) Keeping the promises you make to yourself is a lot easier than starting over, or being discouraged and frustrated. When you waiver in making good decisions for your health, be it food or exercise, you’re making the repeated deposit to your brain that you don’t matter. Actually you do matter, we all do. Yet, why are the goals and promises we make to ourselves so easily put to the side? Would be break promises to our kids, partner, friends and really be ok with it?

So if we want to really grow and be the best versions of our self possible in 2021, we need to start looking at making a promise to ourselves, and keeping it, no matter what. We can start small, with something attainable and grow from there, but if we’ve learned anything from 2020, it’s that today is the only time we are guaranteed. 

How will you choose to use it?

Happy New Year everyone…

~ Coach Mel