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Keeping Momentum During Summer


Warm weather, BBQs, vacations, friends, family, kids events, the list goes on. Summer has come before we realized it, and sadly before we know it, it will be back to school time! I’m not at all about rushing though the brilliance of this time, and I definitely don’t want any of us having regrets as to how we spent our time.  So how DO we get momentum and keep it during the summer?

Well, at 3 Peaks, we have a Summer Attendance Challenge going on each month to encourage everyone to get into the Box to get their workouts in! But beside that, here are some tips to keep you moving this summer!


1. Make Good Food Choices-

Summer time can bring with it lots of “junk” food or beverages that we may not normally consume, or that aren’t too great for helping us reach our goals. You don’t need to deny yourself the opportunity to indulge a little, but the key word is a “little”. It’s so easy to start snowballing down hill when you start eating unhealthy. So don’t deprive, but try not to over indulge.

2. Stay Hydrated-

With heat, brings dehydration, add in not getting enough water and it can really send your body for a loop. Try grabbing an extra large water bottle, or even a 1 gallon jug and making it a goal to consume 1/2 your body weight in ounces each day. Consistency is a huge deal!

3. Get Moving-

Whether it’s getting to the Box, going for hikes, runs, swimming, whatever, just get moving. We LOVE to see our amazing athletes at the Box during the Summer Time but know so much things pull at their time. It we can commit to our selves to get moving 3 or more times a week, (progress not perfection), then we are staying on track. It may mean scheduling your time a little different to make sure your workout gets in before ALL the fun begins.

4. Stay Accountable-

When we start to fall of the wagon with our diet or getting to the gym, it’s so easy for that to continue, unless we allow people in our lives to hold us accountable. Reach out to a friend, workout buddy, or even your coach, to set a summer plan in motion. Not only will you be more likely to continue in the right direction toward your goals, but you may gain a new workout partner or inspiration, to not just go through the motions of the getting workouts in, but also finding excitement in seeing your forward momentum continue.

Don’t wait till Fall to say, “I need to get back into shape”. Do the little things NOW, that can help you stay on track, enjoy your summer, and still live that healthy lifestyle!


Need some help getting back on track? We can help! Give us a shout out and we’d love to find out how we may help you reach your goals! Call us at 541-475-7500, or email us at info@3peakscrossfit.com for more information.