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Nutrition was the missing piece

After one year of doing CrossFit, I had more muscle and was stronger than ever. However, I was still a good 30 pounds overweight. That’s when I decided to make some changes to my nutrition and saw HUGE results. These two pictures are just two months apart. And, thanks to good nutrition habits, I’ve been able to maintain a healthy body fat percentage for the last three years. 

Do you struggle with nutrition, want to look great and feel more energized?

We know how frustrating it can be to not look your best, especially when you have been putting in the work at the gym.


Do you feel like giving up or are you tired of working out and not getting the results you'd like?


Do you feel embarrased about your lack of progress?


Do you need accountability and direction to help keep you on track?


Do you feel like a yo-yo with your nutrition, and have a hard time staying consistent?


Or worse, does your family have a history of preventable disease?


Are you confused with all the misinformation about nutrition that is out there?

Ready to take that first step toward simplifying nutrition and get real results? All new members receive a FREE nutrition coaching appointment.

Good nutrition does a body good!

At 3 Peaks our expert nutrition coaches have not only their own personal success stories on how they made sustainable changes, but also the education and experience in helping hundreds of other clients get real results that last.

Take charge of your nutrition in 3 easy steps

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Simple habits make a big difference

I had an appointment today with the nutritionist at IHS. She was asking what I’ve been doing to lose the weight I have. I told her I been attending 3 Peaks CrossFit workouts on a regular basis, and have a nutrition coach who I been learning healthy eating and portion control from. I also am learning meal prep and time management. She was happy to see that not just my weight has gone down, but my sugar level has decreased a lot too. I’m thankful for that. I have the best coaches ever! 😎

What you’ll get from nutrition coaching:


Expert coaches who will work with you based on your lifestyle and goals.


Unmatched support through the entire process.


Evidence-based nutrition coaching to help you achieve a healthy body fat & muscle mass percentage.


Weekly accountability and action steps to keep you focused!


Tips and tricks to help the busy lifestyle still eat healthy!


Local grocery shopping hacks that will help you stay on track with your goals without breaking your budget.