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Back From Vacation & Ready To Dig Deeper

Well, we’re back from vacation and ready to dig in deeper! All I can say is wow, what a great time on the beautiful island of Kauai we had. I had some amazing breakthroughs as I challenged myself in some areas of fear I had. But the biggest wow, for me, was that I actually …
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Where I Started

The start of my breakthrough. A mom of 3 young kiddos, low self esteem, with a hope to be healthy but I had not a clue on how to get there. I was discouraged easily, impatient with myself and had no real clue on how to move safely with workouts. I would do “videos” at home and my …
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Do You Suffer From Any of These?

4 Signs You May Need Yoga. Your daily functions are limited with muscle stiffness, soreness or tightness. Whether you exercise or not, if your body is tight or stiff it can be miserable. Limited range of motion over time can lead to a lot of unnecessary pressure on joints and tendons. If you live in …
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Tips to keep you moving this Summer!

Keeping Momentum During Summer   Warm weather, BBQs, vacations, friends, family, kids events, the list goes on. Summer has come before we realized it, and sadly before we know it, it will be back to school time! I’m not at all about rushing though the brilliance of this time, and I definitely don’t want any …
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Should Youth Athletes Strength Train?

5 Reasons Every Young Athlete Should Strength Train TIMES HAVE CHANGED FOR THE ATHLETE… The traditional model of focusing on your sport to become a better athlete just doesn’t cut it. Research has shown and proven, that in order for athletes to become better at their sport, they must become well rounded in other capacities. …
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We all need to see it, and we all need to hear this one! Check it out! https://livinglearningfitandfree.wordpress.com/2015/01/14/progress/