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Category: Nutrition

Does Nutrition Really Matter? (A Before and After)

“Exercise is king. Nutrition is queen. Put them together and you’ve got a kingdom.” ― Jack Lalanne Before I started CrossFit, I walked daily, did yoga a few times a week and went on the very occasional run. Needless to say, the transition was a challenge. Like many of you, however, I got hooked immediately …
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Ascent Protein Waffles

Want a yummy breakfast that will help you reach your daily protein goals? These protein pancakes are a delicious, easy way to do that! Here’s the recipe: Protein Waffles 1 scoop Ascent Chocolate Whey Protein ¼ cup all natural apple sauce ½ cup egg whites (3 egg whites) 1 whole egg ½ cup old-fashioned oats …
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Clean Eating Quiche

It’s PERFECT! Literally, if I’m in a pinch, forgot to prep, or running behind, I can throw together a delicious EGGCELLENT meal, whether it’s for breakfast, lunch or dinner, it works perfectly for my busy life. And I can change it up adding leftovers or what ever I may have available at the time! Get …
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A Morning Staple! Bulletproof Coffee (Nut3)

Definitely check this out for a morning/mid day energy booster! Instead of drinking pots of coffee, or wasting money on Starbucks, (dare I say) the Bulletproof coffee has become a major staple for me. Love the frothiness created by blending it in the blender. Check it out!! Click on the PDF link below to download …
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Nutrition 2

Potato & Egg Scramble Click below for more details! Nutrition2

Nutrition 1

B, B & B (Bacon, Blueberries & Bulletproof) Click on the click below to see coaches tips & ideas on this combo! It’s formatted in PDF, so feel free to print it out and utilize it! The size is 5×7. Nutrition1