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“Exercise is king. Nutrition is queen. Put them together and you’ve got a kingdom.”

― Jack Lalanne

Before I started CrossFit, I walked daily, did yoga a few times a week and went on the very occasional run. Needless to say, the transition was a challenge.

Like many of you, however, I got hooked immediately and made going to the box regularly my top priority.

In the first year, I saw a lot of the results that people who switch from a sedentary to active lifestyle see: I quickly burned some fat and gained muscle.

But after that introductory period, stuff kinda stalled. While I had dropped a couple pant sizes, I had lost ZERO pounds.

I was still overweight with an unhealthy amount of belly fat packed around my organs (I actually started CrossFit to lose that because I knew I was at an increased risk of health problems – that I could totally prevent).

That’s when I knew that my eating habits needed to change.

Over the course of a few months and MUCH research and trial and error, I was able to make some nutrition changes and lose a good amount of fat – about 20 pounds of it.

And by keeping my nutrition in check, I’ve been able to lose a bit more and gain muscle.

I didn’t change my workouts – I kept going 4 or 5 days a week. The only difference was my eating habits.

That was when I finally got my first pull-up.

That was when my energy and performance dramatically improved.

That was when I finally felt good in my clothes.

Nutrition was the key difference in getting my body to a healthier state.

Which is why I’m so excited about the upcoming nutrition challenge.

See, my journey would have been SO MUCH EASIER had I had a plan to follow instead of trying to figure everything out of my own.

Imagine walking in the door to a CrossFit class and being told that you actually had to come up with your own workouts and figure out what weight to use on your own. Would you feel lost? Probably.

That’s the pretty common approach to nutrition. You just kind of wing it based on things you’ve seen online and/or what your friends have shared with you. If you’re lucky, you get the results you want. And if you’re really luck, you can maintain your changes.

It’s much easier, thought, when you have someone knowledgable guiding you.

That’s what you get with the Nutrition Challenge.

In fact, here’s everything you’ll get:

  • A seminar on January 12th at 10:30 am to lay the groundwork where we talk about things like macronutrients, how to fill your plate, etc. You’ll also get sample meal plans and a tracking sheet to help you stay on track (which we’ll use to determine the winners).
  • Access to a private Facebook group for encouragement and accountability.
  • Weekly content geared at helping you make the nutrition changes you want in real life. We’ll cover things like what to do when you eat out, dealing with peer pressure and dealing with stress (if you’ve ever binged on a box of donuts when you were stressed, you know how much this can set you back).
  • Before and after InBody analyses and measurements so you can see your progress.
  • A coach to help guide you through the rough spots and answer questions as they pop up.

I’ve seen programs like this all over the place and they tend to be in the $99-249 range. Sometimes that’s per month. At $50, this is a smoking deal. So if you’d like help losing fat, building muscle, getting more energy or improving your performance, I highly recommend you join us for the challenge.

If you’re already a member and want to join the nutrition challenge, just shoot me (Nina) or Mel a message and let us know or sign up on the sheet in the lobby next time you’re at the box. Our seminar and weigh-ins are January 12th and the challenge officially starts January 14th.

If you’re not a member, I highly encourage you to check out our upcoming 6-Week Bootcamp Challenge. We’ll be combining the nutrition challenge information with fitness classes 3x/week to help you reach your goals.

Nutrition matters, friends.