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Month: February 2014


What a HUGE blessing to us it has been finding out about Advocare Products! We started with the 24 Day Challenge and I tell you what, we’ve never felt better! Coffee/Lattes were a HUGE part of our day. Since going through the cleanse, and getting our bodies balanced out with good nutrition, probiotics, and everything …
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  What do you think about this quote? “A word plants a thought, like a seed plants a tree.” I’ve been pondering this quote for a bit. And I truly think that most of us take the power of our words too lightly. Whether it’s something we speak to ourselves, or speak to someone else, …
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Hand Care for CrossFitters!

Pullups, K2E, T2B, we all love them, but as some have come all to soon to learn, a bit too many of these beauties can create a bit of an issue on our hands! The first thing we need to do is to actually build some toughness on your hands. It’s the over callused hands …
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So one of the things that used to plague me long ago was the “Time” issue. Never enough time for this, not enough time for that. My schedule was just too busy to do one more thing. I for one had this thought many many years ago when it came to exercise.  Now I’ll be …
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The Zone Diet

Here’s a link to a CrossFit Journal Article that discusses the Zone Diet. It’s a great basic read on gaining some ground on beginning to eat in a more balanced manner. Check with a coach and we can help you with your Block Prescription and answer any questions you might have! cfjissue21_May04