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What do you think about this quote?

“A word plants a thought, like a seed plants a tree.”

I’ve been pondering this quote for a bit. And I truly think that most of us take the power of our words too lightly. Whether it’s something we speak to ourselves, or speak to someone else, our words (and actions) can breathe life or the very opposite. A spoken word has a domino effect on our lives, good or bad. What does this have to do with fitness and wellness? EVERYTHING!

I’ve seen plenty of people over the years struggle with making gains in their health and wellness because of they’re mindset. If we were to take time before we speak our words to people or about ourselves, we would be so much farther ahead. I totally get being frustrated, and where it comes from. We all want to see improvements, meet goals, and get healthy. But I’ve also seen, when it doesn’t happen fast enough for us, outcome the words…. Ever say anything like: “I’m so Fat”, “I’ll NEVER look like she does”. “I CAN’T do that (fill in the blank)”. And the list goes on and on. Or have you been told, “You won’t be able to” or “If only you looked like so and so” or “You shouldn’t eat that, you’re already heavy enough.” When we compare ourselves to others, or are compared to others, it’s just like we are telling ourselves or hearing, “You’re not good enough.” And all it takes is ONE WORD spoken…. Then that word grows in our minds, is repeated and tossed around (especially if it comes from someone we regard highly like friends and family), until we eventually believe it. If we believe it, then it grows and we start walking it out. We stop taking strides forward because we believe the lie….We start giving up. All because of a spoken word, a spoken lie. Wonder what would happen if we actually believed the good things about ourselves…..

Now I’m not at all saying that we should all live in a dream land where we pretend we don’t have need for making positive changes. I am saying, we must check ourselves when we speak or are spoken to. We must see truth of who we are…..That is, works in progress. There will always be someone stronger, faster, fitter, healthier, and so on. Our focus for our own wellbeing should be on making our own strides forward, and recognizing those things that aren’t true to who we are. Looking in the mirror and saying “Hey I’m one step closer and farther ahead than I was yesterday” versus “I’m so FAT, I’m never gonna get into shape”. Which thought process will actually benefit us and grow into something better?

So what are you planting in your thoughts? What are you speaking about yourself, whether it’s to others or by yourself?  Is it negativity in your mind or the hope and expectance of the new you yet to come, the work in process that you are? Where is your focus? Is it on comparing yourself to others, or seeing your gains and setting your goals?

What will YOU grow? What will YOU speak about? What will YOU speak about OTHERS?