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Pullups, K2E, T2B, we all love them, but as some have come all to soon to learn, a bit too many of these beauties can create a bit of an issue on our hands!

The first thing we need to do is to actually build some toughness on your hands. It’s the over callused hands that end up giving us serious issues! So here are some hand care tips:

A general rule of thumb: If you can pinch a raised edge of the callus, it needs to be filed down. Constant vigilance and regular hand care is key to preventing tears.

You can use a number of different tools to keep your calluses in check, including:

  • A nail file;
  • A callus/corn shaver;
  • Cuticle scissors;
  • A pumice stone;
  • A dull razor blade;
  • Sandpaper;
  • A Butter Knife; or
  • A Dremel tool(!)

We’re not looking at having baby bottom smooth hands, but we also don’t want over callused ones that will rip right in the middle of FRAN or THE MURPH!

BUT, if you do happen to rip, keeping your hands clean from chalk and bacteria is SUPER important. Anti bacteria cream can help the deep wounds, and you definitely don’t want your hands so dry the crack and rip more. So keep them lubed up.

Here’s a link to a great How To Video from CrossFit LA, that shows a cool idea for handling Post Rips so you can continue your workouts! So check it out! There’s tape at the BOX!