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Dave Harrison has been a member of the 3 Peaks CrossFit family for seven months now and he has been such a blast to have in class. He’s come a long way in just that little time and we are super proud of the progress he has made. Here’s a little bit about Deadlift Dave:

1. How were you introduced to CrossFit?

My good friend Jorden Lawrence kept talking about it. I was pretty desperate to do something, anything, to get my health back on track. Seven months in, I think it might stick. I really love the program here and the coaches, it’s much easier to bounce back from setbacks and the positivity is inspiring.

2. If you never had to do this one exercise ever again, it would be …

Obvious answer: burpees and anything in the burpee family. I do them, slowly, but I loathe every minute.

3. If you had to make up your own WOD it would be …

Death by Deadlifts is my jam. Or the 10k meter row.

4. Tell us a little about yourself, families, hobbies, job etc.

I’m a programmer (nerd), and work for Microsoft. I have a beautiful wife I’ve been married to for 24 plus years, and two great kids. I love fishing and reading. We’ve got a ton of chickens at our little 2 acre farm and right now everything smells like the wrong end of a chicken.

5. Your proudest accomplishment?

Writing a book! It came out just a few days ago on Amazon. It took me 18 months and I’m very proud of it. Like the 3peaks podcast brought out recently – there’s so much creativity in each of us. I just wish i would have taken up CrossFit earlier instead of waiting till the book was done. Health is too important to come last.

6. Your favorite cheat meal/food?

Pizza!! With a garlicky Caesar salad and my wife’s tasty “getting figgy with it” bourbon cocktail.

7. What you love about 3 Peaks CrossFit?

My favorite thing is the people in the class. I always feel encouraged and positive vibes come from everyone there. It’s such a great environment.

I also love that it’s ok to fail. I’m used to New year’s resolution type stuff – overly strict diets and long unsustainable workouts that you quit going to in a few weeks. 3 peaks is unique. It’s designed to encourage building lifelong habits, one step at a time.

The program is very well thought out, it’s constantly changing so your body is challenged, there’s lots of stretching, and the exercises can be modified so anybody can do it. Just keep showing up and putting in time and you’ll see the results.

8. What’s something we might not know about you?

I used to speak Mandarin Chinese pretty well. One day I’ll take my daughter Kai (who was adopted from South China) back there for a visit…