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Our September Student Athlete Highlight Is

Jorden Lawrence

We are so thrilled to have Jorden as a member of our 3 Peaks Community! Her consistant hard work inspires daily, as does her continuous upbeat attitude and encouragement to her fellow box mates at 3 Peaks! We’re so proud of you Jorden!

Here are some questions we asked Jorden!

1) How were you introduced to CrossFit?

My friend told me about it. I didn’t even know there was a CrossFit gym in Madras…so when I found out I was really excited. Now both me and my friend have been here since April and absolutely love it!

2)If you never had to to this one exercise ever again it would be…

BURPEES!!! I’m terrible at them…lols…and also OHS…oh boyee…im horrible at those…i literally fall to the floor with 15#🤣

3) If you had to make up your own WOD it would be?

Something similar to Thursday’s workout:
30 air squats
19 powercleans
7 pull-ups
400 meter run
That was a super difficult WOD but it felt good to accomplish it…so something similar to that kind of WOD. And the beauty with that workout was there were no Burpees or OHS😁

4) Tell us a little about yourself, families, hobbies, job etc.

I am executive assistant at a local Organic Farm here in Madras…we deliver produce from here all the way to La Pine. My parents are in Colombia and my bro is in Swaziland volunteering…my goal is to get back into traveling and volunteering soon and possibly going to Italy/Greece to help the refugees. But I am also signing up for disaster relief so if another natural disaster hits somewhere I can go down and help. But we will see…

5) Your proudest accomplishment?

This right here!!! I have struggled with my weight for years…even to the point where I have been so ashamed of my image that I wouldn’t wear a tank top in public or even go to the gym because i was so embarrassed of myself. This is my first year that I have not only worn a tank top but also shorts in public…so to try to focus on doing better, eating better, keeping my heart healthy, etc…slowly my walls have been coming down and I’m trying to be more confident in myself…i have never come this far in my weight loss journey and I’m going to do my best to keep that up…

6) Your favorite cheat meal?

Anything sweet…mostly milkshakes…or ice cream…nutella…i can keep going…lols

7) What you love about 3 Peaks CrossFit?

I love the 5am crew…i love the coaches…and I love the environment!!! I don’t feel judged and I feel comfortable wearing no makeup and getting sweaty while wearing exercise clothes in front of people…lols…i normally cant do all of those at once…lols…but the people I see inspire me so much…I can’t stress enough how much gratitude and thanks I give to the coaches and the people that sweat with me…hehe…if either one of those wasn’t their I don’t think I could have kept going…

8) Something we might not know about you is?

😎 My parents are Minnesotan…so I have a weird accent I guess…so if you wonder why I say something weird it’s either because of my Mid-Western side…or because I’m a dork…lol