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It’s been an amazing 2+ years for 3 Peaks CrossFit! Our community has grown, and continues to grow not only in size of our membership, but in the support and true community we spread at the Box! We are so thankful for each and every one of our members and what they add to the community at 3 Peaks CrossFit. This is a family, a second home, and a place of true encouragement and support. That’s our heart, and mission for this community.

Your coaches work hard every day to make sure our athletes are receiving excellence in coaching. This isn’t just about a workout, it’s about coaching each one of you through movement, and giving you our very best, to help you, be your very best.

And with that being said, we are happy to announce we have officially launched our Internship Program!  This is a very extensive program where potential interns go through our “OnRAMP” for Coaches. Our goal is to train up potential coaches that will add incredible value to what we already are currently doing, growing passion for health and wellness in our community, adding their strengths and personality. Since our mission is to provide excellence in coaching to our membership, we take our program very serious. We want only the best for our athletes. Potential interns are selected based on qualities that fit the mission behind 3 Peaks CrossFit, what’s best for our members, and our purpose in this community. We will spend ample time helping them develop their coaching skills before released as an official 3 Peaks CrossFit Coach.

We are so pleased to announce that we have asked 2 amazing people to join our internship program! Their heart for this community at 3 Peaks CrossFit is just outstanding and we are so excited to walk with them through their Internship!

Please welcome…

Gary & Wendy King!


We are so pleased to welcome Gary & Wendy to this program and are so excited for what is to come! They have been CrossFitting with us for over 2 1/2 years, with us from the beginning! They are both wonderful people with such a great heart, character, and passion for people and this community! Their selflessness, encouragement, and positive attitudes create such an awesome addition to the 3 Peaks Community. Claude and I are blessed by their passion for family, friends, and truly helping others succeed. It is such a joy to do life with them!

–Coach Mel & Claude