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“Breathe in….Breathe out….Repeat”

I don’t know about you, but on occasion, that’s something I find myself having to repeat. Sometimes over and over. Just breathe and keep going. Ok, well, we do that daily during our WODs too right! More than 1 of you have probably heard me say these words: “Take a breathe, in the nose, out the mouth, count to 5 and pick up the bar!” Or something along that fashion. I say it to myself daily as well. This stuff is not easy by any means. I get nervous before EACH WOD. Butterflies all over, like the kind you get before the BIG game. And all I’m trying to do is get my workout in. But I’m not just talking about our WODs. Sometimes life requires much bravery from us, much breathing in, and breathing out, keeping calm, staying focused, and pressing forward.

There are things in each of our lives that may trigger a response, a thought, a worry, concern, or even fear. You know, that feeling you get when the whiteboard says “FRAN”! Things that bring us to crossroads, will we fight the fear and press through, or let it overtake us and walk away.

I can honestly tell you that there have been times in my life, as an athlete, wife, mom, parent, coach, business person,   when I’ve sat at that crossroad having to convince myself to press through an obstacle that was ridiculously hard. The fear of failure, the question of “If I could” lingered through my mind like a bad habit.

Ever hear the saying, “Can’t walk on the water if you don’t get out of the boat!” Well it’s true! If we never try, we’ll never know that we can succeed. BUT, I can hear it now:

 What if I FAIL?”

I would answer you with this: “What if YOU DON’T!”……………..       AND

What do you consider Failure?

The Definition of Failure is the “lack of success”… ponder this for a minute.

WHAT IF, just trying something was success? What if it wasn’t about anything else than just TRYING? What if doing it, at whatever level or capacity you can meant you SUCCEED! You WIN!

The Definition of Success is this, “The accomplishment of an aim or purpose!”

So if my purpose is to try something, maybe it’s eating good for today? Maybe it’s even trying CrossFit for the first time, maybe it’s going out of your comfort zone and challenging yourself to do something that once scared you, and I go forward in my purpose, I’ve got success. Ya, maybe my results aren’t the same as someone else, maybe I’m not as fast as someone else, but I’ve got SUCCESS, because I’ve accomplishment TRYING IT! Now the goal is to keep going and keep trying, not to give up. And when we look at the Realization that we DO have SUCCESS just because we’ve accomplished trying something, we’re more likely to continue!