Internship at 3 Peaks CrossFit

At 3 Peaks CrossFit, we are passionate about mentoring individuals who desire to partner with us in our mission. Our Internship Program provides the opportunity we need to find like minded individuals.  Our primary focus is to grow health and wellness, as a team, in our surrounding communities. We desire to  change lives, and make a major impact. Our mission is to “be diligent in providing a positive culture, delivering the highest level of coaching and expertise to our members.”

As a team, we will have a positive professional attitude, strive to influence others in an impactful way, and passionately spread the importance of health and wellness to our community. As we grow our coaching staff, we are looking for the right fit. Individuals that hold the same passion and values for helping others, and growing the mission of 3 Peaks.

We are picky, and want only the best fit for our members and community. Not every athlete will make a great coach. Our Internship serves as a great opportunity for us to truly find the right fit. Our Internship process allows the right candidates to learn more about what it means to be a coach at 3 Peaks. It is not a guaranteed opportunity for further employment by 3 Peaks CrossFit, and requires dedication to self development, a learning heart, and positive attitude.

What We Are Looking For?

  • People who see coaching as an opportunity to serve and help others, to make others successful above themselves. Not every athlete will be a good coach.
  • Individuals who truly care about others and show it in their attitude and actions to others.
  • People with a selfless mentality in regards to helping clients, the Team & 3 Peaks CrossFit.
  • People with a positive attitude, takes direction, criticism & feedback well
  • Commitment to the 3 Peaks Community with a desire to learn more about working at the gym as a coach.

What Does Internship Involve at 3 Peaks?

Our revamped process provides a more in depth process for the candidates and leadership of 3 Peaks. An application is filled out, and a formal interview is conducted with our Head Coach and owners. Progressing forward in Internship is NOT a guaranteed job opportunity as we only want the right fit for our community.

Our process involves a 160+ hours, over the course of 3-6+ months (longer if needed), in 6 Phases under the direct supervision and guidance of our Head Coach. The Head Coach will provide additional guidance will be required to help strengthen needed areas. The Phases are:

  1. Getting Started: Mission, Vision, Team Mindset, Methodology
  2.  OnRamp: Coaches Role & Expectations, Client Learning Styles, Coaches OnRamp
  3.  Operations: Onboarding & Staff Roles
  4.  Observation – Seeing, Cueing, Correcting, Programming, Small Group
  5.  Probation Period
  6.  Evaluations, Coaching Development, & Continuing Education


Candidates will be expected to completing the following: reading outside assigned materials, shadowing and learning, taking notes, as well as gaining understanding from our Head Coach. The Internship Handbook must be completed, having all items checked off in the order given. There will be lots of feedback and guidance as the process unfolds. We will provide the opportunity to learn as well as mentor candidates in how they can prepare themselves for potential coaching.There is lots of homework, reading, and a focus on having a growth mindset. This Internship is unpaid, with no guarantees of continued employment. The Intern or Head Coach at any time in the process can choice to terminate this arrangement.

Interns are referred to as Interns (not Coaches). We take the word Coach very serious here at 3 Peaks. Anyone can go and get a CrossFit Level 1 Cert. We are looking for Interns that care about growing as an individual and a potential coach, partnering with the overall mission of the company.

We are looking for Interns that will be an asset to our community.

For more information or questions regarding future Internship or an application please contact our Head Coach via email:


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