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Our October Athlete of the Month is Lonita Smith! Lonita has been with us for a few years now and consistently comes to class and encourages her fellow athletes. She’s been hitting some new PRs lately and we’re so proud of her!

1. How were you introduced to CrossFit?

Wow! I never expected that! Thank you very much.

I was introduced to CrossFit when my Son went off to college. He did CrossFit while at college. He talked my sister, Mary Kay, into going and then she talked me into going.

2. If you never had to do this one exercise ever again, it would be …

I would have to say Burpees. I’m not very good at them and just don’t like them.

3. If you had to make up your own WOD it would be …

It would be something with 21.15.9.

4. Tell us a little about yourself, families, hobbies, job etc.

I have been happily married to my high school sweetheart for 33, almost 34 years. We have two kids. Cassandra, 32 and Rod, 27. We have 5 beautiful grandkids and another on the way.

I love hunting, camping, and spending time with my kids and grandkids.

I have always been a stay at home mom, but help mange our family-owned business with my sister, Mary Kay, and her husband, Spud.

5. Your proudest accomplishment?

I would have to say my proudest accomplishment is my family, but continuing CrossFit for as long as I have, almost 3 years, is something I thought I never would do.

6. Your favorite cheat meal/food?

I love anything pasta and probably eat too much of it!

7. What you love about 3 Peaks CrossFit?

I love the support and encouragement everyone gives each other and the friends I have made.

8. What’s something we might not know about you?

Before CrossFit, I had a health scare that made me realize I needed to do something in the form of exercise. Since starting CrossFit I have a lot more energy and feel a lot better about my health.

Thanks Lonita!