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This month, we are excited to announce Pam Douglas as our Athlete of the Month. Pam has been with us a little over a year and joined us during a 6-week challenge. She has made great strides in that time and is always such a pleasure to have in class. Congratulations, Pam!

1. How were you introduced to CrossFit?

My son Max completed the Six Week Challenge in the fall of 2017. My oldest son Marlan expressed an interest in trying Crossfit. So with their support and encouragement, I signed up for the Challenge in January 2018.

2. If you never had to do this one exercise ever again, it would be______.

Man-makers – each part of this is challenging enough that I just feel totally uncoordinated and spastic when sequencing them together.

3. If you had to make up your own WOD it would be _____.

AMRAP – 20 Minutes
10 Calorie Row
15 Thrusters
20 Box Jumps (Step Ups)
25 Sit-Ups

4. Tell us a little about yourself, families, hobbies, job etc.

I am the daughter of Levi and Crystal Keo and grew up as a North Ender 🙂

I am currently working as a PSW for my brother, Terry Keo. Prior to that I worked for the Warm Springs Housing Authority. Prior to that I was in the Indian Gaming Industry, initially on the operations side, starting in 1988 as a Blackjack Dealer back in Hogansburg, New York. I eventually moved up the ladder to Interim Casino Manager at Yakama Nation Legends Casino (Toppenish, WA) in 2009. In 2010 I moved home to Warm Springs to become a Gaming Commissioner for the Indian Head Casino.

There were several years from 1991-1999 when I worked in Child Protection and then as a crisis counselor and program manager for a family violence prevention program and shelter. I survived sexual assault in my young adulthood. Eventually, with the help of traditional healers I learned a process to continue healing to overcome the issues that are born of trauma. Everything I learned in my own healing process and in working for protection programs continue to be relevant every day in our community and our lives.

All of my children are grown. I have been blessed with their love and respect – and even with grandchildren. They include Marlan, Samantha and Max Oakes; Ian, Deya and Sara Oakes; Ash Cook; and Crystal Douglas. One of my grandsons, Lorenzo Oakes, who lives with his mom in Syracuse, gets to visit me for a few weeks each summer. Yay it is almost summer! . I wake each day thanking creation for all of their love and praying for their safety and happiness.

I am married to my soulmate, Sam Douglas, who I met in Yakima in 2006. We own and operate NW Cycle in Metolius, OR. Hobbies include riding motorcycles, rock hunting, fishing, archery, and sometimes just cruising in the mountains to re-calibrate the soul. In my downtime, I read, paint and write poetry.

5. You proudest accomplishment?

I fulfilled a promise to myself to complete a college degree. In 2013 I enrolled in the Southern Oregon University on-line business degree completion program. In 2016 I graduated with a Bachelor Degree in Business Admin/Public Accounting.

6. Your favorite cheat meal/food.

Pepe’s Steak & Bean Burrito Combo, spicy, extra cilantro, no sour cream – YUM!

7. What you love about 3 Peaks CrossFit?

I love the warm and welcoming atmosphere. I love that it is safe to just start where you are, and that encouragement and support is so abundant.

8. What’s something we might not know about you?

I spent a year in New Zealand, and am blessed with family and lifelong friends down-under.