2017 May Athlete Highlight

Our May Student Athlete Highlight is…..

Sid Widmer

We are completely blessed to have had Sid as not only a member at 3 Peaks CrossFit, but a dear friend! He’s an amazing athlete that inspires, and even cracks us up with his batman skills & abilities. He is wise and passionate about life, and living well!

We’re so proud of you Sid, and grateful for who you are, and what you bring as an athlete, to your Boxmates at the Box!!

Here’s some questions we asked Sid!

1. How were you introduced to CrossFit? Melanie was helping getting the zoning approved for the Box and I was burnt out on the gym and looking for something new. I didn’t know much about Crossfit but when I looked into it I was sold. We both decided it would be fun to try something different that we could do together. It is fun and I love it.

2. If you never had to do this one exercise ever again, it would be... Probably thrusters. I hate thrusters.

3. If you had to make up your own wod it be? Hmm … something involving a lot of different movements. Muscle-ups, inverted burpees, run, burpee box jumps, double-unders, rope climbs, push jerks etc. Like 20 reps of ten different movements for time.

4. Tell us a little about yourself, families, hobbies, job etc. Let’s see … Family. Yes, I have one. My wife Melanie and our furry kid Rossi the World’s Only Dog. I do have two older brothers an older and younger sister scattered about. I was born in Bend but have lived a bit in Lincoln City, Madras and Redmond. My parents strangely live right next door  to my wife’s parents. Convenient. Hobbies, yes I have those too. Left to my own devices as a kid I found I had a talent for doing stunts on anything with wheels or that had the word “board” attached to the end of it so I became pretty prolific at extreme sports. I currently enjoy kiteboarding and stand-up-paddle surfing, mountain biking and enjoy my longboard skate for cruising. I love to drive for the sake of driving and I have spent a lot of time behind the wheel of high performance cars and riding motorbikes. I like driving anything and everything. I’m a creative and find its easiest for me to communicate through art, writing and photography and film. Pictures are so much easier than words aren’t they … Job. I keep Gotham safe from the Joker.

5. Your proudest accomplishment? Probably making my first independent short film with no experience at all. And it didn’t totally suck. Really. I had an idea for a film in my head on the way to Bend once and decided to make it into a film. My friends laughed and didn’t take it seriously at first but less than a year later I had a film. That and pulling a massive frontside air on my kiteboard out of a huge crusher wave right before it closed out and pounded me. I floated back down in front of it to an on-shore audience like I did it every day. Seems silly but that was one of those things I saw in my head that needed the whole universe to line up for me to do and …. It did.

6. Your favorite cheat meal? I don’t really do “cheat meals” that often but I guess it would be a piece of really good chocolate or I did enjoy a simple piece of really good fresh bread with butter … before I found out I was gluten sensitive. Oh I know! A pulled pork sandwich from Jackson’s corner in Bend. Oh yeah, that is worth every calorie.

7. What you love about 3 Peaks CrossFit? The community and camaraderie. I like that everyone has their strengths that show through both physically and mentally. The coaching and group dynamic pushing me past where I think my limits are. And the variety. I like being faced with a surprise everyday that I have to overcome physically.

8. Something we might not know about you is? Uh … I don’t know … let’s see … I am a pretty prolific with a trackhoe? I don’t like Crickets? I have more shoes than my wife? … That’s all I got.

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